Lecture| Emerging Markets in the MENA Region

OxGAPS hosted a lecture on “Emerging Markets in the MENA Region” delivered by Oliver Cornock, GCC Managing Editor of the Oxford Business Group, on February 23, 2015.  Mr. Cornock started the lecture by revealing that while the 2007 financial crisis saw decreased growth in the developed world, there was economic growth in the emerging markets. He outlined five factors that have helped sustain economic growth in these emerging markets.

The first was that inflation was under control and that these countries no longer experience periods of high inflation as they used to. The second factor was the debt to GDP ratio which has been significantly decreased—eluding to a few cases where the debt more than halved. This element coupled by deficit reduction helped make investment opportunities more lucrative in these countries. The third factor is the commodity increases which saw resources being increasingly exported from emerging markets, bringing in more revenues. The fourth factor was that trade has become much easier than ever before, with decreasing barriers between regions and between the East and West. The final factor was an increase in democratic practices, noting that almost all emerging markets saw an increase of legal rights.

The lecture was followed by a presentation on careers delivered by Stephanie Parker, Director of Communications at OBG. The event was organized in conjunction with the Careers and Wellbeing Progamme at St Antony’s College. The lecture was chaired by Suliman Al-Atiqi (Committee Chairman, OxGAPS).