2016-2017 Position Openings

The following positions are currently open to University of Oxford members. Apply here.

Events Coordinator*

·       Acts as a focal point for organisation aspects of events which may include seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences as well as supporting launches of Gulf Affairs issues.

·       Liaise with speakers, partnering organisations and participants for events as necessary.

·       Assist in developing programme for events.

·       Assist in the organisation of how events will be recorded.
*Priority to St Antony’s College members 


·       Keep up-to-date records of all financial transactions.

·       Prepare quarterly account statements for senior member.

·       Assist in developing fund raising strategies.

·       Prepare application forms and related documents for various funding opportunities such as grants and sponsorship requests.

·       Assist in outreach efforts for prospective sponsors.

Copy Editor*

Assists in final preparation of documents (especially Gulf Affairs) prior to production which includes:

·       Ensuring consistency of formatting such as with layout, spacing, headings and sub-headings.

·       Ensuring all content adheres to style-guide.

·       Ensuring correct format of referencing.

·       Double checking accuracy of names, places and organizations, as well as fact checking dates, statistics and other information as appropriate.
* Position requires prior experience in copyediting

Marketing and Distribution Officer

·       Create linkages with institutions and assist in dissemination efforts for Gulf Affairs and other publications.

·       Build database for distribution of printed and online material.

·       Build awareness on OxGAPS events and activities.

·       Help boost contributions and participation rates.

Undergraduate Liaison

·       Work specifically to promote OxGAPS events among undergraduates in consultation with the Communications Manager, relevant faculties, college JCRs and other undergraduate societies.

·       Help promote OxGAPS on social media to undergraduates.

·       Help boost participation rates of undergraduates in OxGAPS events.
*Open to undergraduates only